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You will never have to tell your kids to turn off the lights again.

In restaurants, bars, and hospitality areas, you need to provide your customers with completely different lighting scenarios. A business power lunch will certainly demand a brighter energetic environment than your relaxed evening dinner guests are expecting. Easily change the mood with one press of a button. 

Office meeting areas require flexibility in lighting depending on the usage, brighter lighting for meetings and darker when giving presentations on a screen. Office lighting places a large demand on light energy and higher demands on HVAC equipment. Automating lighting with the correct controls and sensors will significantly reduce your energy cost and when done correctly increase production. 


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Mk3 Electrical Enterprises is experienced with designing and installing lighting control systems used in commercial and residential applications. When properly specified and installed, lighting controls will not only enhance a well-planned lighting design, but will also provide extended lamp life and significantly reduce energy consumption.

"Lighting controls are the vital component to a successful energy efficient lighting design."

In residential applications lighting controls can add safety, convenience and energy savings. Simply enter a room without touching a light switch, wall sensor detects you as you enter the room and lights the space. After you leave the room it will turn off lights at a set time. Excellent for bathrooms, basements, garages, laundry and storage areas.

  • Occupancy Sensors
  • Vacancy Sensors

  • Daylight Sensors

  • 24/7 365 Timer Controls

  • Electronic Dimmers

  • LED & CFL Dimmers

  • Multi-Scene Systems

  • Energy Management

  • Single Room Systems

  • Whole House Systems

  • Integration & Connectivity

  • IR Remote Control Systems


Lighting controls