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We provide several levels of energy efficient solutions. Through an initial Walk-Through Assessment and consultation, we can assess your goals; determine lighting safety, and quality. At this point, we do not take any detailed field measurements. This provides a quick analysis to determine the energy conservation options to save you on your lighting energy cost.

Master Lighting Plan

Current inefficient lighting represents 40% to 60% of energy use in all buildings. Upgrading your existing lighting to higher energy efficient lighting systems is your best opportunity to reduce costs while increasing quality and productivity. The amount of light energy you use can be reduced by 40% to 75% by installing more efficient lighting components thus improving your cost of operation. Due to the long run hours, you can enjoy a high Return Of Investment (R.O.I.) in 24 to 36 months. Mk3 Electrical Enterprises provides superior energy efficient lighting solutions. We provide energy efficient lighting design and install energy efficient lighting retrofits. Our energy efficient lighting systems will benefit your employees productivity, help increase customer's purchases by providing a better retail environment all while saving you money.

Energy Lighting Audits & Consultation

A Master Lighting Plan will provide a final lighting design and layout, new fixture locations, lighting controls, photometric calculations, electrical load calculations, and measurements for construction. This will reduce your bottom line, increase-building safety, increase employee productivity, and provide you with an excellent return of investment.

"Upgrading your current lighting systems to new Energy Efficient Systems will significantly reduce cost and increase your bottom line "

Site Assesments

Your master lighting plan may implement the use of a Lighting Retrofit. In an approach where current lighting is not replaced by new fixtures, we collaborate with manufactures that provide energy efficient solutions to update and improve your existing light fixtures in cost effective methods. 

Lighting Retrofits

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Once it is determined, a further Site Assessment is beneficial to providing you with an energy savings solution. We will then examine your utility usage, take field measurements, inventory existing fixtures, and usage profile. Once all the data is collected, we then provide a comprehensive study to develop a master lighting plan.

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